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   ALUMINIUM TECHNOLOGY supplies a variety of aluminum alloy extruded profiles, painted with powder in electrostatic field, trade designation, used in metalic work, metal joinery for architectural applications and other domains.
   The profiles are produced in a modern factory in POPESTI LEORDENI (near BUCHAREST).
   These profiles are manufactured with an up-to-date process (continuously casting with zonal cooling, high precision hot extruding with two automatic hydraulic press computer controlled, ageing treatment in full automation  furnace, painting with powder paint in electrostatic field on two automatic line with robots, etc.)  which assure the production process stability and the constancy quality.
    All our products are made from high pure alloys AlMgSi type, EN AW-6060 (6063), according to SR EN 573-3, chemical composition guaranteed. After extruder, our profiles are age hardened at 195 0C for homogenization, stabilization and increasing of mechanical characteristics, same as for elimination of internal tensions.


   Any material can be replaced by ALUMINIUM !

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